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INTO passion | Lipiec 16, 2024

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Do you know what is beauty? Discover x2 Samui

Do you know what is beauty? Discover x2 Samui
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POLISH  Geometrical, rectangular shapes. Minimalism. Wood, concrete. White, grey, beige, brown. Everything in x2 Samui on the Thai island Samui, surrounded by romantic colours. Simple but true- welcome to paradise!



On the photos the place looked like a dream- my home dream (in x2 Samui we stayed in private villas with a swimming pool), which architectural minimalism enchants my senses. Naturalness, simplicity, narrow colour range take the visitor for a journey to a rich design world. Development intimacy with proper space assets. Situated on the beach among palm trees, surrounded by azure water, the resort is a contrast between the warmness and natural beauty of Thailand and the original simplicity and highest quality materials (maintenance of the wood or aluminium in a good state right next to the see and in a big humidity is big challenge).


Open reception combined with lobby enchants. Following the alley surrounded by lawns, flowers and trees, we reach our villa. It is perfect. Sharp angles, simplicity, glazed bedroom and a bathroom with a marble bath look like a private swimming pool. Nothing is separated, closed- the space wins. This place is created for design lovers, people who look for privacy and relax.



x2 Samui is a resort with 27 villas for two people (only one is bigger than the others). The biggest concentration is on the privacy and on the staff. In the resort there can only be 50-60 people- there is one person from the staff for one guest.  The privacy works perfectly here- the staff is never obtrusive and always keeps the balance between fulfilling duties and respecting intimacy.


The restaurant multiplies the tables options with the best view- sea closer and delicate breeze, sea further away and a swimming pool view, swimming pool and garden view… Simplicity and food refinement. In the restaurant there are two spheres naturally coexisting with each other. The first one is food. Sitting on the sofas with wonderfully big pillows, with every meal we feel more relaxed. The second on is a “fine dining” sphere, where people can sit comfortably and with grace by the table. At 17.00 in the 4K restaurant it’s possible to try the proposition “Wine and Tapas”- buying a glass of wine (depending on the quality, from 99 baht, about 10 zł), we can choose 3 tapas from a big list, where we’ll find prosciutto with a melon, mozzarella and amazing fish and sea food, marinated in herbs or served with chilli salsas or lemon grass. The dishes in standard menu are great (sea food and fish from the nearby village). Interested visitors can sign up for cooking workshops.



The hotel can be also proud of the great spa- from a Thai massage to a milk bath or peeling from a jasmine cream rice- everything sounds very convincing. The interiors enchant (and the stones, that we look at during our treatments). My recommendation is Signature massage- a unique treatment with combined techniques.



can we do once we are tired of the calmness resting in the hotel? In the hotel there are kayaks, we can try fishing, sign up for a cooking or massage workshop. And of course move and discover the island!


What we liked:

–          Absolutely enchanting architecture- the hotel is perfectly situated in nature

–          Villa design- completely glazed bathroom, looking like a swimming pool

–          Open restaurant with a see view

–          Toilets with a view

–          Lovely staff (the spa managers)

–          Highest quality spa

–          Breakfast with champagne

–          Charging points by the tables in the restaurant

–          Special prizes for guests who want to stay longer and those who book their stay in advance










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