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INTO passion | September 26, 2023

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Complimentary stays in Luxury hotels

Complimentary stays in Luxury hotels
Paulina Grabara

Have you ever considered traveling the world and not paying for it? Would you like to stay in 500 Euro per night luxury villa or apartment for the blog review? Yes, you can do it!


I have never thought before of writing about blogging but thanks to the group on facebook I belong to, I discovered how important and appreciated is sharing of knowledge or experience.

So I thought I can share my experience of great deals with hotels because maybe you don’t want to sleep in hostels anymore or you want to review the luxury hotels as well, but you don’t think it’s possible for you to make a deal with them. Believe me if I could You can do it as well.

I am not a young travel enthusiast anymore – I turn 37 in the end of March and I am a mother of 6months old Natalia. I like what I call quality life. My blog is also a tool to pay for my travels and slowly for my everyday life.

When I started the blog a few years ago my idea was to write about all the great destinations I visited. Except from my family I love traveling, design and general beauty around. When I noticed how much time my blog consumes I decided to try to have some benefits. Not really earn but at least have some complimentary things like skipasses once I snowboarded in Austria, free bus sightseeings, tickets to the museum etc.

But what is the biggest cost while traveling if you don’t want to stay in hostels? Flight and accommodation. I have never done a good deal with flights except from one wizzair episode but I did with hotels. Amazing hotels, which inspired me to many things thanks to the owners or managers I met, design and architecture, ending up with books and albums I discovered.

But this post is not about blogging but about complimentary stays in great hotels all around the world.



How I started and how you can do it as well

Good start is crucial. I had luck because a person I met in my professional life gave me the voucher to IL BORRO, a Ferragamo family property that is something I could just dream of.

Before going there I decided I will prepare the review and make photos there to post on my blog. It was June 2013 and it was the beginning of STYLISHhotels on



Believe you can do it

In July 2013 me and my friend bought cheap tickets to Crete. And I had the idea – let’s find hotels who give us complimentary stays for the review on my blog. I did a list of many, many hotels in Chania and the areas we wanted to visit and you know what – we did it! 7 nights in great places, meeting lovely people. They believed in us and that’s how we started.

My advise – do a good research, prepare a good list of hotels, send emails, and wait. If they don’t write you back DON’T GIVE UP. Find more hotels, resend your emails to the hotels which never replied closer to the date of your arrival. Some will write you back because now they know they have some free rooms and they will be ready for the cooperation.




Creating STYLISHhotels actually mean to me that I need to be convinced the hotel is good before going there. So I research, I ask friends and I check the websites I trust. See,  and of course They have wonderful hotels in their portfolio and trust me – you can cooperate with these hotels.




My email is divided into sections: first I write about STYLISHhotels concept with short information about the most recognized hotels. Then I clearly write what I offer: review based on my stay, photos of the hotel, facebook or instagram promotion and what I want for the publication – for example two night complimentary stay, dates when I plan to be in the city etc.

In the end of the email I give details of of the blog – UU, clics and my philosophy and target group.



The more you try to reach the more you get

I am from Poland – it’s not a key market for many countries. Now STYLISHhotels are being translated into English but before the posts were only in Polish. I am not a pro photographer but after visiting Villa Viesca Estate by Mrs. Ferragamo I received a thank you note from her and small Ferragamo bag. She liked my work and it was a biggest payment for my job I could imagine.

Creating STYLISHhotels I want to describe and photograph really stylish boutique hotels. Why I decided to try to get the complimentary stay in 500 Euro per room hotels? Because why not – we create our group – thanks to the great hotels who shared my reviews – sometimes just for showing photos as the review was in Polish – helped me to attract the target group who actually are potential clients. Now everyone is winning – I stay in lovely hotels sometimes doing extra stories or work there, hotels get attention of travelers from different countries who like my reviews and can afford the hotels.


The most astonishing hotels I visited – maybe you can cooperate with them as well

Here see just some examples but all great hotels from Paris to Thailand you can find in STYLISHhotels section on



Hotel de Russie – Rome





STYLISHhotels in Tuscany






Intercontinental Bali

Intercontinental Bali Resort/Bali












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