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INTO passion | Czerwiec 20, 2024

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Paris: The Fairytale of Life

sierpnia 12, 2014 |

France is a beautiful country and its language was once the primary international language used for political, social and economic cooperation and interactions. For centuries the country was seen as a symbol of diplomacy and successes. That was the French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi who designed the Statue of Liberty that is located now in the New York city, and is a gift from the people of France to the United States. Tourist trips to France are extremely popular as here you will have a chance not only to see beautiful places but to enrich your inner world and increase knowledge with all the exhibitions, concerts, museum and historical places.

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Fashion in Politics: Stylish First Ladies

lipca 1, 2014 |

Combination of fashion with politics is a very strange one, however it has an important place in our modern world. When it comes to women connected with politics, they have to be careful with what they wear but also to which occasions, as they are the object of attention for journalists, paparazzis and ordinary people. How does the status of a first lady change the style and fashion preferences? Or were they the same before they acquired that status? We will take a look on the most famous ladies in politics of the last decade.

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Luxury is intimacy. Parisian Hotel Particulier Montmartre.

stycznia 24, 2014 |

POLISH In the noisy Parisian district Montmartre, a villa with apartments and a well-maintained garden has been turned to a hotel. Historic heart of this artistic district vibrates around, taking this hotel out of that tempo. This rhythm is stable, a little bit slowed down, perfectly comfortable.

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INTOhotels: La Petite Folie/Honfleur/Normandy

września 3, 2013 |

#la petite folie #honfleur #normandy #medevial town #old harbour #august #stylishtravellers #intopassion

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