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INTO passion | June 19, 2021

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Top events in August in Tuscany

Top events in August in Tuscany

Tuscany is not just medieval castles, green hills and sunflowers fields. There are many events and festivals which take place almost every day in different cities.


It does not matter if it’s in the big, well known Florence or a small village with 1,000 inhabitants, each place organizes its unique holidays. It is worth to check the events calendar before your trip to Tuscany to avoid missing any of the most interesting festivals.

In our book we are writing about many holidays and festivals which are worth to visit. Today we are presenting you the 4 top events in August. If you are planning your Tuscan adventure this month you have to write them down in your notes.



1. Palio (Siena) – 16.08.2016

Probably the best known event in the whole of Tuscany. Every year the main square is changed into a horse race area. Each one of the city districts has its own horse rider. Riders are riding around the square. All citizens are coming to cheer their representative. The person who wins the Palio becomes famous and is loved by all supporters.  During the race day there are many other events in Siena. We can meet a lot of people in medieval costumes on the streets. Remember to book your tickets early because they are sold out really fast. People who do not like crowds can purchase more expensive tickets in restaurants situated on the square. Each of them is putting a platform where we can watch the race.


2. Bravio delle Botti (Montepulciano) – 28.08.2016

Montepulciano has its own Palio but instead of horses there are wine barrels. Each of 8 districts chooses the person who is tolling the 80 kilo barrel on the street of Montepulciano. It has to be rolled up the hill to the main square – Piazza Grande. In addition to the race, there is a costumed procession and at the end of the day all citizens are taking part in the big feast on the city streets.


3. Calici di Stelle (Castellina in Chianti) – 10.08.2016

Favorite night of all astronomy lovers. We can see hundreds of falling starts in the sky. In Castellina in Chianti this day is full of special events. We can go to street food markets, concerts, wine tasting events or to an open evening at the Archeological Museum. And in the evening we can finally sit and watch the spectacle on the sky.


4. Medieval Festival (Roccatederighi) – 5-7.08.2016

The first weekend in August every year this small city is back to the past. This happens thanks to actors who recreate life in this medieval hamlet on a feast day. Be prepared for knights, tasty food, classical music and much more.


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