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INTO passion | Lipiec 15, 2024

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INTOmyworld: Inspirations no. 5 EN

INTOmyworld: Inspirations no. 5 EN
Paulina Grabara

Magda Bulera-Payne – has a degree in English, works as PR and is a passionate photographer. POLISH TEXT.


Magda runs her own PR consultancy, representing lifestyle brands and celebrities, and in her free time she travels and takes pictures. In fact, she takes pictures all the time.

She fell out of love with photography for a few years, having gotten upset with digital cameras. Yet since she cracked the technicalities behind the digital SLR camera, with a little help from a friend and professional photographer, she has it on her wherever she goes (Canon EOS 100D 50mm/1.8 lens) – unless she goes out in the evening and it doesn’t fit into her clutch, in which case she switches on to her iPhone. After all, a day without a post on the Instagram is a day lost.




I try to avoid the thought that I am addicted to Instagram, though I think I am. I check Instagram after my morning yoga session and I check it again at the end of the day. I love browsing over cool pictures, am interested in other people’s perception of the world, and I like sharing my own photographic discoveries. On the professional level, I look at Instagram as an interesting phenomenon – it is a reflection of current trends.




British lifestyle weekly. I read it on my iPad. Every week it inspires me with new things. I like Stylist for everything – their covers, the layout, the language they use and the topics they cover. I appreciate their fresh take on fashion. A must read every Tuesday.




My second home. I worked in London, I met my husband in London, I go there for the London fix – the theaters, shopping, exhibitions. I love the rhythm of this city, I have my trails there, favorite restaurants. At the moment I love living in Warsaw and coming over to London, although I’d love to share my time equally between the two cities.  I get attached to people, not places, so this scenario is quite possible.



He is Dapper

Blog I co-run with my husband. He is the protagonist and the writer, I take photographs. We work on the blog together. It’s a testing ground – we’re creating a new brand, so it is only natural that we clash creatively but we always find a way to reach understanding. It is a very inspiring journey. The blog is also a place on the internet where men’s fashion is presented on the back of short stories. It is worth checking out. Do have a look.




I drink coffee for pleasure. It is the only thing I missed during our recent holiday in Sri Lanka. You can’t get a decently brewed coffee over there. It is definitely a tea-making country (I brought back a year’s allowance of Ceylon tea). I drink my coffee once a day, after breakfast, with rice milk and a blend of spices (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger etc.). It is my little daily ritual.




I have practiced ashtanga yoga for 10 years now. I do it more or less intensively but I always find my way back to yoga. It keeps me healthy and it keeps me sane. Sometimes it helps me reach a zen state of mind.




I always read something, usually a few books at a time, on different topics. At the moment I’m reading Elsa Schiaparelli. A biography by Meryl Secrest, Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre and Włosi. Życie to teatr (The Italians. Life is a theater) by Maciej Brzozowski. I recommend all three – for fashion, thriller and Italy fans, respectively.




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