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INTO passion | January 26, 2021

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What is Kickstarter?

What is Kickstarter?

Why did we decide to start our project here? What is so special about this website that every month hundreds of people are choosing Kickstarter as an intro to their big journey? It is time to read some information about the website that is helping us to publish our book.

Kickstarter launched in 2009. From that time more than 110 000 projects were successfully realized, over 11 milions of people backed and 2,5 biliions of dollars were pledged. These statistics show how big the range of Kickstarter is. The platform is connecting those who want to fulfill their project with backers supporting their friends, family or projects that seem interesting for them.

The main rule on Kickstarer is „All or nothing”. Everyone who starts the project chooses the amount of money he needs to realize the plan. Trust us, it is a really hard decision. You are spending hours on calculations. Why is this so important? People who have their projects are getting money only if they were able to get the full 100% of the whole sum. Projects can last from 1 to 60 days but Kickstarter advises not to make it too long (the optimal time is 30 days). Short-time projects motivate people to pledge money faster.

Kickstarter is a source of amazing ideas. Starting with comic books, through children toys, to inventions that can make your life easier. This was one of the reasons why we decided to start our adventure here: to be in a crowd of inspiring and talented people.

If you want to set up your own project you have to remember that Poland is not on the list of countries where starting the project is possible. However, Polish people can pledge and support projects on Kickstarter. We were lucky because one of us is living in Berlin. This is a big advantage though it took days till Kickstarter employees verified that Magda really exists.

It is worth to check Kickstarter from time to time because this is a great place to find ideas which truly are one of a kind. If you have interesting projects but do not have the funds to complete them read more about this platform. Maybe your project will be one of the most successful in the history of Kickstarter. In the meantime, please support „People’s Tuscany”! Thanks to you we will have the chance to print our book.



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