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INTO passion | June 17, 2024

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8 things you didn’t know about the Zanzibar

8 things you didn’t know about the Zanzibar

It is natural to feel the fear of the unknown. However, getting out of the comfort zone is worth finding out what the world has to offer. Nevertheless, it is hardly possible to explore a new place only with a guide. Therefore, the easiest way to discover is hanging out with locals. Thanks to them, you will uncover mysterious traditions, hear secret legends and discover new treatment methods.




Here are 8 interesting facts about Zanzibar, that will surprise you:


Cup in the morning, later at work or college – simply to wake up from sweet sleeping and recharge for a whole day. It is proved that drinking coffee after 18 o’clock negatively affects the quality of our sleep. Residents of Zanzibar drink coffee mainly before bedtime to relax and taste.







It is pointless to use drugs, which are available in shops. Why? Due to poor storage, medications will not work, at least not in expected way. What if a headache cure is right above our heads? Just look around and find right trees, plants. It is worth to discover what nature is hiding from us, because the effectiveness can positively surprise. Next time for a toothache start chewing cloves. Digestive disturbances? Beat them with ginger or turmeric infusion.




Key word: mosquitoes. Whenever I hear it, I recall my sister, who is always using entire antimalarial prevention. Besides the tablets, she additionally applies on her skin a significant amount of spray against insects. Even though she always becomes a main object of mosquitoes interest. However, there is a solution. Simple and easily accessible! Lemon grass – to be more specify rubbing into a skin or leaving a several leaves in a room. Guaranteed effective method to get rid of mosquitoes.







People living in Zanzibar are mainly Muslims. Alcohol consumption is inconsistent with their religion. Nevertheless, they do not avoid parties and dances. Then again, nature shows us hers potential. Local specialties are boiled milk wit nutmeg and ginger infusion. It is believed that the first drink has a hallucinogenic impact on humans. Furthermore, both are strong aphrodisiacs. As you can see there is always a way for a deep relax and turning yourself on a party mood.




People inherently associate Africa with safari. However, Zanzibar is a very peculiar place when it comes to wildlife. You will not find there any dangerous predators. The last wild Zanzibar leopard became extinct about 20 years ago. Big cats have been exterminated due to the local beliefs, which described them as envoys of witches, told to frighten the population. Wild reptiles can be seen mainly in closed museums. That is why people live there in peace – do not have to worry about their farm animals.







Great Pop Culture Icon that comes from Zanzibar. I do reckon that each of you knows exactly who it is. Still no clue? Real name may not give youa single hint. Any ideas who is an author of “We are the champions”? Yes, it was Freddie Mercury. In Stone Town – the capital of Zanzibar is the House,where he lived 7 years.







The dark continent means underdeveloped technology. You will probably agree with this hypothesis. And how is it? On the contrary, Africa is listed as the continent with the largest number of mobile phones compared to number of inhabitants. A little more than one billion people per billion phones. Surprised? Zanzibar as a touristic place overstates those statistics. The population ocuppy several diversed jobs and generally to every “business” use a different phone. Against all appearances it does not cause disintegration of their duties – they are very punctual and organized.




Have u ever consider yourself as a person who spend too much time browsing social networks, maps and mail? Nothing could be further from the truth. Poland in the global Internet traffic share is 6th. It seems to be that ahead of us could be only the US or Western Europe, but surprisingly the 3rd is Africa. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Average person there spend 4. 9 hours on the internet and 3 hours on mobile devices.








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