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INTO passion | June 19, 2018

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Before the flood – dokumentary movie by Leonardo di Caprio

Before the flood – dokumentary movie by Leonardo di Caprio
Paulina Grabara

We All should know about it, discuss it, but mostly just try to do something, because climat change is fact, which touches more and more people on our planet. Documentary movie produced by the American actor can be watched for free on

Have Leonardo Di Caprio together with the director Fisherem Stevensem created the documentary movie about the climat change to wake up those, who believed it’s not their problem? Or those, who are concious, but leave the problem behind as the everyday life absorbs them?

Rising water in the oceans, floods, fire, melting of glaciers – scenes from the movie are like the nightmare, but are the reality for many people. Climat change is one of the most important causes and one of the most urgent, because being the optimist we can believe some experts that we still can repair the damage we caused. Catastrophic results of our actions reach many people. Eve if not today, tomorrow their can affect us and our children. What can we do?

In his documentary movie Di Caprio takes us in the amazing journey – first to the world of him childhood, when he discovered the painting of Hieronim Boscha, then to the meeting with Al Gore, vice president of US, and when he first heard about the climat change. We travel with the environmentalist around our globe – discovering its amazing beauty and sadly harm we caused: we see people’s drama caused by floods, discover that 300 million in India live without electricity today and that one day they start having the lifestyle we already have. And cause a huge problem as we did in the past.

Di Caprio takes us for serious meetings with presidents and scientists, for UN conference on climat change; on Greenland, to the rainforest to Indonesia, to changing it’s energy strategy China and threatening our planet India.

We can see how much we devastated our amazing planet – one we want to discover, one we want to show to our children. It’s all caused by our consumption, by the demand on fossil fuels. Cars, planes, electricity – all results in CO2 emission to the atmosphere, and finally in global warming.

Di Caprio disappoints me saying (but it can be unfortunately the truth), that the solution cannot be the change of the American lifestyle (biggest fuel consumers and co2 emitters). Is it because of the comfort zone they don’t want to leave? Or because being egoistic and lazy? Why the American actor doesn’t believe in the change within the American nation? The answer can be choosing Trump for the president, who is an example in the movie as climate change denier. We as people have anormous power. We can influence the politicians and WE – of we understand and get involved can or must be the engine of the change. Starting with ourself – wherever we live.

What can we do? What answers gives us di Caprio? We can eat more chicken instead of beef, because they are less harmful for the environment. We should avoid products with palm oil, which cause huge devastation of rainforests, and it’s used for example in cosmetics or food by big companies, who care only for profit.

Is it a good movie? For sure is easy to be watched and understood. The montage, photography and music are simply great. It’s really worth to take your time and watch it, and then think not only what governments and organizations but what WE can do to stop the destruction of the planet TODAY.

Thank you Mr. di Caprio. I am a mother of 4 months old baby girl. I love traveling and as president Obama said looking at the problem from the romantic perspective I simply want to share the beauty of the world with her.






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