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INTO passion | April 21, 2021

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STYLISHhotel: Borgo Santo Pietro/Tuscany/Italy

STYLISHhotel: Borgo Santo Pietro/Tuscany/Italy
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A unique experience of the highest class luxury. Entrance gate. Long alley of cypress trees. Impressive welcome – a glass of Prosecco in the garden with a view of the pool and the valley. Garden suite with canopy beds in the garden. The most delicious dinner and pasta making workshop with chef Stefano.


Borgo Santo Pietro is not overwhelming. Here luxury is defined by focusing on details. In addition to the highest standard of service, which at the same time does not embarrass – this is the art. The hotel’s philosophy focuses on combining nature with luxury. Situated in the very heart of Tuscany, the hotel shows that the latter does not know the limits here. A XIII century villa in the mist of the surrounding hills opens the door to the tradition of the region.



Comfortable, intimate and noble – these are the words to describe the interiors and the atmosphere. Borgo Santo Pietro was Clause and Jeanette’s dream to create a family house. Ruins of the place enchanted the couple in 2001 – in order to restore the lost charm they began to work with local artists and craftsmen. Their vision included also the gardens and planting 250 000 plants. Today, wandering around the property, we can admire a rose garden or a vegetable garden with eggplants, cherry tomatoes or lettuce. From that garden, vegetables and herbs are used for preparing dishes.



After 7 years of hard work the Thottrups family opened an 8 – rooms villa. The guest room with a piano, a library and bedrooms in main building (deluxe, superior and 5 suits) were styled with a great respect for tradition and a touch of Tuscan sense of taste. Along the cypress alley there are villas and suits with private gardens waiting for guests. We can enjoy not only privacy, a table and patio armchairs, but also an old, stone fountain, orange trees and a canopy bed.



The owners continuously enrich the place by bringing things from their journeys – instance they bought some of the furniture in Morocco. They also love flea markets where they can find original antiques (especially the one in Paris). Precisely in case of interior design it turns out how important every detail is and that without it we cannot reach perfection: ultra soft towels are made from bamboo, used materials are the finest Tuscan fabrics.


In the 800 years old building, which once was a bakery, there is spa. Here we can relax, even though all stresses must have been left at the entrance gate to Borgo Santo Pietro. The Spa uses cosmetics from Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, one of the oldest pharmacy in the world. One can also relax by the pool, at the terrace or wandering through narrow, secret paths.




Borgo Santo Pietro cares also about entertaining its guests: from cooking workshops with charming and enchanting Stefano, to wine tasting, tennis playing and painting classes. During our stay in Borgo Santo Pietro (the idea is that every month a different artist is a guest at the hotel) the hotel hosted a Swedish painter, who used to talk to guests over breakfast and than invite them for painting workshops at her house by the lake. She was mostly impressed with Tuscan light.



Borgo Santo Pietro means exquisite tastes – fresh products, simple recipes, creatively combining ingredients, unforgettable culinary experiences. Wine is carefully selected for each meal separately – but the story of  Valle Serena in Borgo Santo Pietro is a story for a separate post.



Borgo has a very interesting idea for growth – to grow together even closer with the local community. Hiring local people, they want to create their own line of products: honeys and jams. What we like the most, however, is a concept of opening Borgo for inhabitants of nearby towns. The owners want to give elders a possibility of meeting in the garden, play boccia and talk. Would that disturb hotel guests? Surely not, considering the area of the place and the fact that privacy is a fundamental value here. We are sure this kind of changes will bring nothing but the benefits. The manager of the hotel told us also about some planned changes considering guests – a new, bigger spa and a pool on the lake are under construction. It seemed to us that it could not be better!



What we like:

– everyday newspapers in English for guests in pdf files, prepared especially for Borgo

– the best dinner made by chef Stefano taking into account all my food allergies (horseradish ice cream!!!)

– different gardens and 6 gardeners who manage to take care of everything

– charismatic staff with charisma – open and friendly but discreet – Laura, Nina, Stefano – thank you

– cooking classes with Stefano – he stole my heart already when breaking down first eggs (which I do not eat) for making ravioli (do not eat either) – I tried all and it was the best pasta I have ever eaten

– canopy beds in the garden

– painting workshops and the idea of inviting artists from different parts of the world a month

– great attention to detail, beautiful old furniture and exceptional Tuscan style

– fire smoldering in numerous fire places

– communication with the guests through cards and boards (more on this in the next post)


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