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INTO passion | May 19, 2024

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My first video – LOVE from Malaga and Granada/Spain

My first video – LOVE from Malaga and Granada/Spain
Paulina Grabara

I am so happy and a little proud as well to show you my first video we made during our trip to Andalusia, Spain.


Andalusia is one of my favourite places in Europe and actually a place where I could live.

Yes, if I only had an idea where to have the money from, moving there and taking my sweet 9 months old daughter and lovely husband would be my choice.

Well, back to the reality we managed to move from cold and rainy Poland to sunny and colourful Spain just for a short holidays. I decided it’s a time to make something new, to start maybe something that will be part of now – vlogging.


Why I decided to make my first video?

  1. YOUTUBE vlogs – last time me and my husband started spending hours watching youtube travel vlogs. It’s not I don’t like blogging anymore (I love writing and reading other blogs) but video makes me move to all these beautiful places so easily. Staying in rainy Poland makes me travel from my coach!
  2. NEW CAMERA – some of the vloggers made videos about the equipment they use – so my husband decided to go deeper. We started to wonder why the all use go pro cameras – is it the only choice? Is there something better but less promoted? So we found … Osmo Plus and till now we love it! It’s much more stable than what we see the others do with a go pro, unless they use a good gimbal.
  3. SOMETHING NEW – Do you have a feeling you need to do something totally new in your life? Something creative? This feeling you don’t know if you manage, when you are stressed about the result and finally when you can do it and your are so proud of yourself! There are so many repeating activities in my life now (if you have a baby you know what I am talking about) so I needed a change, something inspirational, something just for me.
  4. FAMILY VIDEO – I don’t know if you have a child or not but my baby girl makes me totally crazy! I take photos of anything she does and I smile to myself later when I watch them. She is 9 months old now and she has been changing so fast since she was born! I started to make some videos of her by my mobile but the quality was sometimes so bad …
  5. ANDALUSIA – can you imagine a better location for your first video than 2 cities in Andalusia you really love? Andalusia is a region in Spain I could live in so making my first movie, learning about montage having the videos of beautiful narrow streets of Malaga, stunning Alhambra, my sweet and happy daughter was a pure pleasure.

So we spend a week in Spain, we played with the new camera from time to time (it was more like fun recording not a job of making a movie) and after coming back home I ended up with 90 minutes of raw material.

I spent a week picking up the best moments, learning how to use the program, choosing music and here it is… my first video.

Really hope you like it!

EVERY like or subscription to our channel will give us more energy to prepare more content (remember I am a full time mother and have a job so new passions are cool but sometimes it is really difficult to find time for it all).

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