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INTO passion | Wrzesień 18, 2020

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My first video – LOVE from Malaga and Granada/Spain

My first video – LOVE from Malaga and Granada/Spain


  1. aww Malaga is my favourite city in spain. people are jsut so kind and the food is amazing

    • Paulina Grabara

      Malaga is great and I love these tapas atmosphere! but I also love Granada in Andalusia, and Cadiz… ahh Andalusia is great :)

  2. I really want to explore more of Spain. The video is great and your daughter is so cute! What program did you use for editing?

    • Paulina Grabara

      thanks I used the simple iMovie I have in my Mac – I think for now it’s enough, but hope one day will learn a more complicated program which gives more possibilities

  3. Kelly

    I give you so much credit for doing a video blog. I just don’t hve the guys to do it. And you picked a great topic. I have heard Granada is amazing and I would love to visit!!!

    • Paulina Grabara

      thanks! it’s so much fun but in the same time it’s a lot of work and my baby girl is still so small… so she needs also a lot of my time

  4. Great travel vlog! It made me feel like I was there in Spain. I love watching travel vlogs on YouTube, I could spend hours watching them haha.

    • Paulina Grabara

      thank you! so happy about it as it’s my first video!

  5. I can really understand the struggle to find time. Can’t even begin to fathom how hard it must be to be a mother and juggle other commitments. Kudos to you! I hope the new endeavor is successful.

    • Paulina Grabara

      thanks! the most difficult thing is to combine being a mum and travelling/blogging/vloging 😉 but step by step I do my best and we do new things 😉

  6. Such a wonderful video! I currently live in Madrid and have been dying to get to the Andalusia region, and your video just makes me want to go even more. One of my Spanish co-teachers rave about Malaga incessantly and I can totally see why!

    • Paulina Grabara

      You need to! and I would love to go to Madrid as I was there like 20 years ago…

  7. I like the video – and the subject. Spain is on my short list of places to see SOON. :-)

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