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INTO passion | July 22, 2024

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KC GRANDE/Koh Chang/Thailand

KC GRANDE/Koh Chang/Thailand
Paulina Grabara

An elegant hotel, located by the beautiful white Sand Beach, it will satisfy everyone looking for comfort, great infrastructure and diversity. KC Grande skillfully combines the stunning Thai nature with the elegant offer of villas, restaurants, several swimming pools and spa.

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We take a taxi in Lonely Beach and drive to KC Grande located almost on the other part of the island. When I walk into the hotel, I am impressed by the spacious hall with sofas and a bar, where check-in takes place as well. Of course, my first steps are directed towards the beach and the pool located next to it – as I assume right, we spend most of the time there. The resort is located by the really beautiful, sandy White Sand Beach, which is the longest and also the most popular beach on the whole island. And it didn’t disappoint us like the whole hotel.


Architecture and design

I notice two hotel buildings separated by a road, but calmly – it is easy to pass, because the traffic is stopped by the hotel security any time you want to cross the road. In addition, bungalows are scattered throughout the beautiful palm forest. The hotel is surrounded by exotic palm trees and other beautiful plants growing in Asian climate. Plus a lot of flowers and great space planning – sunbeds around the pool, jacuzzi in the pool, soft mats and cushions in the garden, as well as a wooden table and bench. It is elegant, the interiors are stylish and wood dominates. Soft sofas and cushions invite you to sit down for a moment – you can feel we’re finally on vacation.

Big swimming pools, an exclusive spa, stylish restaurants – nothing is overwhelming here, but all these places maintain a note of elegance and luxury.








Suites and villas

The resort offers its guests a few accommodation options that differ from each other in the surroundings, as well as the style and way of furnishing them. You can choose between rooms and suites in a building on a hill or in a building by the sea, as well as private villas.

We stayed at the SeaView Grand Deluxe – a spacious room with an area of ​​over 53 m2, with a beautiful balcony, on which, apart from 2 sun beds, was a jacuzzi, in which our daughter was having a bath in the evenings. In the room, apart from a really large bed, there was a sofa for sleeping (we used it for our daughter), a countertop table with a chair where I could work, and a lot of space for all our things.

However, if I came here again, I would consider a villa – those in the garden were not much more expensive than rooms in the building, and they provided intimacy and beautiful terraces among the greenery. Of course, the best option seems to be villas by the sea – where we can hear the sound of the ocean during the first sip of morning coffee, which we can prepare ourselves in the villa.








Let’s start from the beginning of the day – it was the best breakfast we’ve had at the hotel for a long time. The selection was very large, but it’s not an art. It’s much harder to offer a large selection and very good quality, and that’s how it was at KC Grande.

First of all, the cold cuts section had its delicacies – e.g. a perfectly prepared duck or a really soft, sliced ​​turkey. There were many types of cheese, pancakes, waffles, eggs served in all ways, French toasts. I also ate the best soup with rice noodles and seafood – calamari and shrimp, both in the soup and in the main dishes, were very soft, and there were several types of rice noodles for the soup to choose from. There were prepared fruit cocktails, steamed dumplings, hot European and Thai sections (where my husband and I were headed). Finally, our plates were filled with ripe, sweet fruit, such as pineapple, arbus, pitaya, melon and papaya.

There are three restaurants and several poolside bars at KC Grande Resort & Spa. In the Beach Restaurant, where we eat breakfast, we will eat Thai and European dishes, in the KC Restaurant -seafood and Thai dishes, and in the Gusto Restaurant, which we passed each time we were going out from the hotel – European dishes, mainly Italian cuisine. Each of them also has its own individual, unique decor.

Mentioned bars – an intimate pool and bar among the villas, a rooftop pool bar, ideal for cocktails and snacks at sunset or a beach bar, perfect for lunch, attract hotel guests throughout the day.





Relax and other attractions

In the SPA you will find a multitude of treatments, although the best option seems to be massage on the bed next to the sea (they have a roof protecting you from the sun). A delicate (or stronger if you prefer) touch, smell and the sound of the sea. Peace and quiet create the perfect atmosphere for a perfect, undisturbed rest.

The resort has four swimming pools available to guests from morning to evening. In addition to them, for guests who care about their body, a fitness room has been created (air-conditioned, with a view of the pool and sea). On the beach we can rent kayaks and a padding board (from what I knew, you can take it for free, we were just about borrowing but finally the daughter who was supposed to come with me changed her mind).







Holidays with a child

KC Grande is a great choice for families – it can’t be better. The hotel is located right on the beach with soft sand – and bathing in the warm sea is definitely one of the attractions of staying in Thailand. There are also two pools for children – next to the main – large pool that separates the main building from the sea, there is a smaller pool for children with a large turtle – a slide. Here, the joy of toddlers at my daughter’s age does not end. There is also a small children’s pool in the roof-top pool on the hill – when your child is playing in the water, you can enjoy the spectacular sunset and a cocktail. For slightly larger children (and adults) there is a more suitable attraction – a large slide, from which we fall straight into the pool (located at the bottom of the building on the hill).

However, KC Grande has definitely more to offer kids than just the warm sea and swimming pools. The hotel has an air-conditioned playroom. I read a book there when my daughter discovered new toys. And as all the parents know – new means the best. The youngest have not been forgotten in the restaurant – they have plastic cups, plates and bowls in different colours waiting for them.





We liked:

  • location in White Sand Beach town – shops and restaurants, laundry, street spa or tourist offices – resort town has its advantages, especially for those who want to stay close to the civilization
  • space planning in the resort: 4 swimming pools, a few restaurants, bars, fitness club, kids club – there were always enough sunbeds by the pool and we never felt it was crowded
  • breakfast, breakfast and one more time breakfast (eat section Food)
  • attractions for kids – we like to change hotels and locations during our holidays, but I can believe you can stay here with a child for a week or two and not get bored








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