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INTO passion | February 26, 2020

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Santa Brigida/Naples/Italy

Santa Brigida/Naples/Italy
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In the very center of vibrant Naples, there is a hidden place. Here, among beautiful bright interiors, we will relax after the whole day, and the professional staff will make our stay in the capital of Campania unforgettable. The Santa Brigida Hotel is the best place to begin a great, Italian holiday.


Naples welcomes me with hot weather, and if it wasn’t for the calendar which reminds me it’s the second half of September, I would think this is the middle of summer. My plane landed on time, and as it later turned out it was the first and the last part of my travel which took place according to the schedule. Driving to the hotel takes me twice as much time as I have planned – Naples is a beautiful city, but “chaos” could be its second name.

Tired after the travel, carrying a heavy suitcase, I finally arrive to the very center of the city. On via Toledo, I am passing crowds of Italians going for lunch. Laud talking, crowded coffee houses and laundry drying on the balconies. Italy in a nutshell.

I turn onto the small street of Santa Brigida, where under the number 6 there is my destination – The Santa Brigida Hotel. The entry itself suggests that it is an extraordinary place. It is situated on the third floor of a tenement, and in order to go inside one must use the entry phone. To go upstairs I use a lift, and from the first minute I know what is the main advantage of this place – its silence and calm. In the small reception, I am welcomed by kind staff and after a moment I am already in my room at the end of the corridor. Sunlight, coming in through the open balcony door, timidly lightens the whole interior.

Guests have 12 rooms at their disposal, including a large suite. Each of them is decorated differently, which certainly gives this place a character. All the elements of the hotel, even the smallest ones, were tailor-made.

My room is bright, spacious, and it has a bathtub in the center. I already know it’s going to be a perfect place to relax after the whole day of sightseeing. I go out on the balcony overlooking via Toledo. There are only three floors between me and the street, but it feels like being in another world. It’s a true oasis of calm.





The Santa Brigida Hotel was designed to meet all the clients’ expectations. It is open throughout the whole year. The staff the of the round-the-clock reception will answer all your questions and let you know where to go on a delicious dinner (recommended Trattoria del Golfo, situated nearby, was a real hit). Also the small lobby where the guests can relax is worth mentioning.




What makes this hotel a perfect choice for anyone visiting Naples is its location. A few minutes’ walk leads to the historic center and the district of Chiaia full of exclusive shops and restaurants serving delicious Italian dishes. It is also a good place to begin a further travel to the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts. The Central Station is situated only a few metro stations further, and reaching the port shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes on foot.




In the evening, I lie down on the comfortable bed, while the sounds of colorful Naples reach my ears. After the whole day of excitement, I fall asleep immediately.

On the following day, I wake up thinking about the unique breakfast I’m about to eat. Every morning, especially for the guests, two types of breakfast are prepared – sweet and salty. They are served in small portions, which is why I can taste delicious mozzarella with fresh tomatoes, roasted aubergine and delicious croissants. There is also a wide choice of freshly squeezed juices and aromatic coffee. After such a fine beginning of the day, I am ready for more sightseeing.





The Santa Brigida Hotel is a perfect choice for both tourists and businessmen. Intimate atmosphere, silence and calm will help you rest after a busy day. Attention to every detail, unique staff and pretty interiors draw guests from all over the world. I already can’t wait for another visit in Naples. The vibrant city and the peaceful hotel complement each other perfectly.


What we liked:

– spacious, bright rooms in which every detail was well-thought

– professional and kind staff

– short distance to all the tourist attractions, metro station and port

– intimate atmosphere

– balcony in each room

– delicious breakfast prepared from fresh, Italian ingredients









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