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INTO passion | May 26, 2020

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Paulina Grabara

Charming fishing villages, perfect fish and seafood, amazing trekking and cycling routs as well as ideal water sports conditions. Apart from that, it has to be added that the lowest month temperature is mostly above 20 Celsius degrees. Fuerteventura holidays selling souvenirs are mostly aloe goods, goat cheese and ceramic products.


1. GOAT FARM stop – production of goat cheese

We stopped by the road to admire friendly animals. Fuerta is known for delicate goat cheese production.






It’s a sleepy, colorful town with some bars and wharf restaurants. You can find here definitely more locals than tourists. The region offers a golf course, 21 kilometer running track as well as hotels.






3. Lighthouse stop

We haven’t planned this trip, but the ‘Lighthouse 6 km’ sign was really tempting. As a driver I found the road to it really scary( it was pretty difficult to pass for two cars on it along the abyss and the road barriers appeared only on the corners). Nevertheless the view was astonishing.






4. ANTIGUA stop

One of the oldest, worth seeing towns on the island. Over the view there is a Cruz de los Caldos and a big square dominating. We also liked the local library building and a renewed mill in which there is a craft shop. You should also find out when do they have a local market which is famous too.






It seems to be hard to reach because it’s exactly in the middle of the island. Thanks to that we may sightsee the beautiful, nice, winding roads. Jean de Betencourt, conqueror of the island, found this town in the XVth century. It was the administrative capital till 1834. Betancuria is not famous for its beaches, but for its relicts like Santa Maria church, which was built in XVth century, destroyed in the next hundred years and rebuilt in the XVIIth century. You may also visit the Archeological Museum and 3D cinema there.









6. Scenic stop- Betancuria- Pajara road

Going from Betancuria to Pajara, which is an amazing trip, it’s worth stopping in the viewpoint and admire the nature: volcanic mountains and the sea down below show the rawness of the surrounding world.






7. PAJARA stop

We haven’t got this town on our list, but we liked it so we took a little break in there. This quiet village offers much of beautiful nature: colorful flowers, palms, cacti as well as kids playground and a XVIIIth century church (there are two baroque altars inside). You can see how do the locals spend their time from the bar with a patio next to the church.






8. EL COTILLO stop

The best place we could find. A small square and a sea going into the land contrasts with the wharf rocks where the waves smash. The old, XVIIth century harbor was found when the locals moved inside the island to defend from the pirates.

Now you may find here a few restaurants with fresh fish and great tapas. On the banks there is a place for peeling those fish. The leftovers are given to the seagulls. This view is worth going along the island. When we mention the waves again we think of slightly sweet shrimps and sangria. When going on the square, there are some locals showing their art we may admire.

The village is surrounded by the amazing beaches. Some are perfect for surfing and kite surfing, and some for relaxing and strolls. They are told to be one the most beautiful on the island. El Cotillo seems to have a perfect harmony between its fishing and touristic aspect.









The most popular Fuerta spa is located on its north outskirts. The harbor offers boat voyages to Lanzarota every hour. You may also choose to go to Isla de Lobos island too. Along the harbor there is a bar and restaurant promenade. The town is also famous for having many shops, like for surfers.

Unmistakable attraction are dunes, behind which the surfers and kite surfers go crazy on the turquoise water.






10. MORRO JABLE stop

My nightmare from the first stay on the island, but it’s one of the most touristic towns over there. Beautiful, wide beach and a shopping street with pretty good shops makes a perfect place for a short discount shopping.


Translation: Grzegorz Kryspin

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