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INTO passion | July 16, 2024

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STYLISHguide: Greek Islands

STYLISHguide: Greek Islands
stylish travellers

Salty feta cheese, fleshy olives, and ouzo – Greek flavours are known all over the world.  Greece was the birthplace of the European civilization. Its influence on our culture should not be measured in the number of ancient monuments (there are thousands of them), but rather in the amount of ideas that are alive and well to this day.

Together with STYLISH TRAVELLERS, we visited Greek islands on several occasions. Paxos, Crete, Cephalonia and Corfu – these are just a few of the countless beaches that we are still missing. Are you planning to pay a visit to the country of olive, wine, and grilled octopus? Discover the world of STYLISH TRAVELLERS.
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Famous for its beautiful beaches and azure water. On Crete you will spend time on listening to cicada insects and admiring wildlife. This place encapsulates European culture, tradition and… sun! The image of the island, its beaches, but most of all of Seitan Limania – a quiet beach hidden between the rocks, are still in our minds. Due to its location, mostly local inhabitants and food can admire the latter place.

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3 STYLISHplaces

Seitam Lemani

Dream beach hidden between the rocks.




A delightful city with an Old Venetian Harbour and the best Greek food eateries.



Restauracja Prima Piora

Feta cheese-stuffed squids, grilled octopus, refreshing wine, and a view over Rethymno.




Arcus Luxury Suites&Villas

A complex of suites and villas which, thanks to the efforts of its owners – Yannis and Elleni, was inscribed on the list of ancient monuments in 2005. We were impressed by the well-maintained garden as well as by original design of each villa, which matched the surrounding area perfectly. The neighbourhood also took us aback – idle Greek village, which is the best evidence of how beautiful Crete is!

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Alcanea Boutique Hotel

A synonym for intimate luxury. Situated in a picturesque town of INTOcities: CHANIA, in its most magical neck of the woods, i.e. next to Maritime Museum, Alcanea Boutique Hotel is full of surprises. Its favourable location gives us an opportunity to marvel at the town`s beautiful scenery, i.e. the lighthouse, the harbour, and Chania Old Town.

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Casa Delfino

Mixture of modern design and antiques. Hospitality and kindness. Casa Delfino appears as if we were staying in a luxury hotel. The Hotel has belonged to one family for five generations.

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Villa Maria Villa Creta

A villa with a garden, a swimming pool, and optionally with a private chef who could prepare local food especially for you. Five bedrooms, a few patios, and numerous artefacts which have been collected for many years by the owner, Maria.

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Corfu – a paradise located in the Ionian Sea. The Mecca of surfing and people who value one of the best cuisines in the world! Essential oils from olive, orange, and pine trees, unleashed by a light breeze will help you experience a blissful state. Crete is also famous for its flamboyance – green cypresses mixed with vibrant colours of lemon and orange plantations create breath-taking scenery. Corfu, however, is not only a place of a blissful idleness. Picturesque coves, Corfu Town, Mount Pantokrator, which is overlooking the island and allows us to see every single corner of Corfu, the coast of Albania visible from far away and a majestic seventeenth-century monastery – these are the reasons for discovering Corfu on your own.

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Corfu Town

What deserves special attention is Corfu Old Town, which is full of squares, monuments, and, of course, restaurants serving Greek cuisine dishes.




Paleokastritsa Beach

A view over a beautiful monastery, lovely town and beach – a sandy one and a rocky one in La Grotta Cove. The two magnetize with the colour of sunbeam-reflecting water.




Perithia and Kalamaki area

Quiet beaches, family-friendly taverns – the best way to experience Greek cuisine and Greek scenery is to pull off the main road and go a bit off the beaten track.





Pelecas Country Club

An eighteenth-century complex of buildings that belongs to the Velianiti family. On 20 hectares of the land we can find a family house, stables, and an olive press that has been redesigned to serve purposes of luxury agritourism. Intimate interior design has its own exceptional character. Each of the seven rooms and four suites delights with its design.

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Palms and Spas Suites

Suites situated on the hills are characterised with minimalistic interior design. Perfect for people who value comfort and privacy. Their owner do not consider his ‘piece of art’ a hotel. The suites are rather private places with separate jacuzzi, dining rooms and gardens, where everyone can feel that this space belongs only to them for a moment.

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Paxos is the smallest of the seven Ionian Islands, which is located over a dozen kilometres from the south-east coast of Corfu. It’s our STYLISHisland! In Greek mythology, Poseidon created this island by striking Corfu with his trident, so that he and his wife Amphitrite could have a peaceful and quiet place to rest. He dropped the trident which was later found by Paxos inhabitants, who made it their emblem. The island is full of caverns and caves, where you can sail into. What caught our attention was the colour of the sea – exceptionally turquoise, reminiscent of the one that can be found in the Caribbean. It was especially visible on Antipaxos – a small island with a white beach between rocks, where you can sail by boat from Paxos.

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Antipaxos – an island with white sand and azure water




3 STYLISHplaces


White sand, blue lagoon water, and a tavern with a hammock and tables right next to the beach where simple salad tastes as if it was made in a Michelin-starred restaurant.



La Rosa di Paxos Tavern in Laka

A picturesque village with a wonderful tavern, where we can choose our own fish and seafood that are prepared right on the spot.




A town that reminds us of Italian Portofino climate, with a noisy (especially in the evening) street and a boardwalk stretching along the harbour. The boardwalk is full of charming restaurants.




Torrli e Merli

An idyllic village with Venetian architecture located in an olive grove on the hills. Built in 1750, Torri e Merli belonged to wealthy Papamarkos who built it on the hills in order to protect it from pirate raids. This boutique-style hotel is situated in an olive grove with a steep, twisting road that leads not only to a lovely harbour filled with boats but also to taverns – Lakka.

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Cephalonia is often considered the Greeks’ best-kept secret. No surprise – who would want to share its green and abundant flora and picturesque beaches – particularly Myrtos beach with crystal-clear water and movie-like scenery? The landscape is dominated by olive and cypress groves, cliffs overlooking the sapphire Ionian Sea, and fishing villages. On top of that there is a stunning Melissani Cave – azure blue marvel of nature. It is a must-see place for every tourist visiting Cephalonia.

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3 STYLISHplaces

Antisamos Beach and Melissani Lake

A beautiful beach that won popularity thanks to the American blockbuster, Captain Corelli`s Mandolin. The best way to explore it is from the air because only from this perspective you can notice a sharp contrast between turquoise water and pale-yellow sand. Additionally, Lake Melissani, which is located nearby between the rocks, is also worth a visit.





Cosmopolitan fishing village, a great destination to visit by boat. This place is full of hustle and bustle, but lovely houses, harbour with boats and great restaurants compensate for the number of tourists.




Dream holiday resort with a wide beach, separated from a boardwalk by beautiful bushes and flowers. Countless restaurants, pubs, or even beach clubs and lock-up shops attract tourists and offer them a vast choice of local products.





Asteris Hotel

Cephalonia is dominated by family-friendly taverns and hotels managed by people with passion. The owner and founder of the hotel is Costa, who owned a beautiful plot of land on the hills and decided to build three villas – for him and his children. In time his idea for family villas transformed into a hotel, allowing tourists to enjoy its appeal and family atmosphere.

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TRANSLATION: Wojciech Kołb-Sielecki

Thanks to: Co ludzie powiedzą


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